Neglect/Abuse FAQ

I know of an animal being neglected or abused. What should I do?
Report the situation to local law enforcement as many times as it takes to get a response! Also, let us know about it so we can be available to assist if the law enforcement officer decides to remove the animal.

Why can't the shelter just take the animal if it's being neglected or abused?
We have no special rights to enter someone's property or take their pet without their permission. Only law enforcement officers can confiscate a pet, although we can be there to transport it to the shelter.

I don't want this person to know that I reported them. Can I be anonymous?
You can make anonymous reports to local law enforcement. Typically they won't tell who made the complaint, either way. Also, we won't discuss who made us aware of the situation if you want to remain anonymous.

I don't want to involve the police. Is there anything else I can do?
Yes. If you feel comfortable doing so, talk to the pet owner to see if he or she is willing to surrender their pet to a shelter. Sometimes there are financial or other reasons for neglect, and the owner may be looking for a solution.